The ancient festival of Diwali has been celebrated for ages in India and annual celebrations are still held each year all over the country with great flourish, enthusiasm and gaiety. Traditionally believed to be a Hindu festival of wealth and prosperity, it is amazing to see how Diwali has become an occasion for all Indians irrespective of their status and castes. Diwali is one of the occasions where everyone meets and greets their relatives, friends, family, employees, clients, staff, vendors, old and young etc. Celebrated with great excitement and grandeur. It is a time for get together and celebration. It is the time when everyone greets and exchange gifts, chocolates, hampers and bouquet. A Corporate Gift Items can include things like keychains, Pen drives, diaries, notepads, calendars, Pens, Headphone, Notebook with Pencil case, Power bank with visiting card holder, Sunglasses, Jewellery and antiques, Speakers, Desk Lamps, Wearables, home and electrical appliances anything from small to big gift etc. These are the items that are usually presented as corporate gifts by most companies. But it can be anything that can represent their products or services as well. These are also depended upon the target audience to whom it is given. Imprinted corporate gifts and promotional products will leave a long-lasting impression. A unique corporate gift personalized or branded with your company logo or business message will carry your brand for a lifetime and be remembered by most.

Unique Client Gift Ideas: A client is like God blessing your company and corporate giving business. It is therefore essential to always pamper and show your respect and care they are worthy of and Diwali is one such occasion which enables us to have a reason for showing our happiness and love towards our worthy and potential clients, employees, channel partners, etc. Clients could be Existing clients, Potential clients, lapsed clients. Therefore Unique gift ideas for clients could be: Accessories like Digital photo frame with speaker, charging cables, folding wireless keyboard, travel chargers, Interesting range of innovative Wireless chargers, Variety of Good quality power banks to cater their needs, Wonderful range of Wireless speakers and karaoke mikes with speaker and call function, Smart bands and wearables to take care of wellness, Headphones, ear pods and magnetic earphones. Voice assist headphone speakers is one of the unique gift ideas for your esteemed clients and employees. This Product is compatible with Siri and google assistance. It does all your work without you worrying.

Customized Corporate Diwali Gifts: Customization is important and a unique feature to identify itself in the market in the world full of branding, Today brand speaks along with the product, hence when a product is branded with the company logo and name its remembered fullest to its usage along with Service customization to its customers, clients, channel partners, employees, near and dear ones, etc. Customized Diwali gifts could include Diary with Power bank and USB. It’s one of the ideal Customized gift during Diwali which is a 3 in 1 product including the power bank for your phone, USB for Laptops and computer and diary for your notes. The capacity for Pen drive could range from smallest 4GB to 32 GB Pen drive data. Everyone is fond of Music. Bluetooth Speaker in form of Barrel and Pen stand is another great customized Gift ideas when synced with Bluetooth it can work in a range of 10m, Slot for Pen drive, Aux, Micro SD Card, FM Radio, feature to answer, end and reject calls and space to keep pens in Pen stand Speaker. Completely wireless and portable speaker that can be kept and carried anywhere requiring minimal space.

Corporate gift ideas for Indian clients could be ranging from Flowers and cake, Gift hampers, personalized gifts with logo and brand, home living to office accessories and electronics and gadgets for personal and professional use. Building interpersonal relationship is the basic building block of a successful business in India. Giving of gifts to your clients and customers builds and cements a relationship strong bond. Therefore Giving Corporate gifts could include Wooden Photo frame with a wireless speaker, Space for mobile and tablet stand. It is synchronised via Bluetooth allowing you to watch movies, Videos, listen to music and keeping photos of your loved ones always close by to you whether at home or at work. What could be a better gift than this having all the best features under one roof? It also supports Aux, a slot for Micro SD Card, Call answer facility. The Wooden digital photo/video frame can be used in the workplace also. Another great gifting could include Multifunctional Desk lamp speaker elegantly designed, and lightweight, an eco-friendly study lamp/desk lamp comes with inbuilt rechargeable option battery. Features include colour changing lights, emergency light, hands free option for phone, FM, Aux, USB etc. with wireless speaker option. Desk lamp with a wireless speaker is a totally flexible, portable and adjustable to different height and angle with its arm twist. Complete protection to your vision with no flickering and no radiation. Another best feature of this Desk Lamp with Speaker is it has space for pen stand or flower pot stand to purify air or for feng shui indoor plants to spread good and positive energy. You can also gift your beloved clients Power banks with Visiting card holder a perfect combination where your clients will feel the gift-worthy with the visiting card holder and a power bank to keep your smartphone charged always.

Best Corporate Diwali Gifts for office Staff and Employees: India is a diverse country from language to the dressing style of various cultural identities. However, the festival of Diwali unites everyone bringing joy and prosperity. Some of the best utility gifts during Diwali for office staff and Employees include Desk lamp with the wireless charging-A perfect mix for Style & function. A lamp is a perfect place which creates space for charging your device. While you’re busy working under the lamplight, the lamp takes care of charging the phone device. It’s useful and considered as a perfect device while gifting your staff and Employees. Another great gift could include Wireless speaker with Selfie stick and power bank an amalgamation of best features under one roof including Selfie stick, power bank, camera remote, torch and Bluetooth speaker. During Diwali you tend to increase calories therefore your clients and employees appreciate the most when you take care of them by gifting them Smart fitness bands which takes care of their lifestyle, Heart, Blood pressure and calories.

The above ideas could be and more not limiting the above variation is possible in case of demand, requirement, choice, customization, fashion and trend.

We deal and are the distributor for the above products and service provider with excellent quality and service and no room for compromise with both as brand plays its important function and Diwali is such festival which is celebrated by each and every family member irrespective of any caste or creed and best way to express your love towards your near and dear ones irrespective of any age and occasion which everyone waits to celebrate together. And now the trend of corporate gifting in India is changing and taking to the next level as every second person is wanting to have updated technology with good functions and features to move life smoothly and also enjoy personal life with work life.